Manic Maze Madness


A prototype of a procedurally generated maze game, that involves defeating enemies and collecting coins.
Remember, look at "Have A Good Look" - the game's "Readme" file

Enjoy! I will look forward to all and any comments and feedback.

I am looking forward to recieving feedback, as that will help shape what features will come up.

I am thinking of having one that generates an endless maze, whereas the current model has a maze in a fixed arena.


NetprogsGames 5 years ago

Sounds interesting, mind uploading a build or giving a link to download so I can try it out?

2boysa40 5 years ago

Unfortunately I uploaded a .rar without seeing it only accepts .zip

that is now fixed, however

Ryunigia 5 years ago

Game Graphics Controls
So i'll alternate positives and bad things until i run out of bad things to say.

- First of all although i say graphics are my favorite they are basically good enough to make a game with, although the player is just an arrow, didin't even realize what i was, sorry skipped through most of text walls to much of it
+ Enemies are looking pretty good
- I hate the controlls, i don't wan't to have to press a direction twice to move i know i'ts because you can shoot but it need's fixing
+ I like that you can kinda play it coop with the drone.
- I never moved the drone when playing alone didn't need it either
+ Lot's of enemy variety: flyers and snails (they hop walls?) rats
- Enemies get stuck in weird places: a bird got stuck in 4 walled box even though it flew right in there
+ Rotating walls when you pass, cool idea!
- TO MANY inputbuttons, you show them all in the intro but i didn't even want to bother remember them all so i just winged it in game.
+ Procedural generation seems work alright, didn't got stuck in any of the 4 ish lvls i played
- I didn't really care about all the things i was collecting
+ Nice work, it's a good start to a game

Bugs i encountered:
* A snail hopped a wall?
* The bird that got boxed in
* Enemies stopped chasing me until walked right next to them (staring at a wall in my general direction)
* Enemies moved atop of me and didn't seem to deal any damage?
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