You have been selected to test slake co's newest invention, the LAUNCHPAD™ Jump and launch through rooms and rooms of launchpads


DysphoricGreens 6 months ago

Controls Game Graphics
The main problem I had with the game was how extremely laggy it was. This made some puzzles hard to play and I was also having slight difficulty even understanding where to go as it would often pause on blurry frames. I have a feeling most of this was cause the graphics were set to max when building the game, which isn't a bad thing to do, but also not really recommended if you don't have a settings page.
Dialog was overshadowed by how loud the music was and not being able to adjust it hurt my ears.
For the most part, this game was decent. It had interesting puzzles and was fun to solve. The concept is there and I feel like you can take this idea further. Just, tone down the volume and graphics settings for now.
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