kowi is a lost soul of a stranded warrior in order to rest in peace kowi must fight his way troughs the dark dungeon that is full of undead monsters and solder who seeking for revival and eating souls

more levels and i will add more detail about story and cutscenes


The-Greater-Fool 1 year ago

Animation Game Graphics
Cool atmosphere, the music and visuals are great.
However, everything is too small to really be able to tell what anything is without running into it and testing whether it kills you, which is a problem since there are limited lives.
Also, the grammar and sentence structure in the opening cutscene is a bit off. "Chimmering" I think should say "Shimmering," there's a sentence that says "There was darkness and evil consuming what he had ever fought and died for" which I think should say "everything he had fought and died for", and there's a few more like that.

Red_Phantom_RP 1 year ago

I agree with a lot of what 'The-Greater-Fool' as said.
The atmosphere is indeed nice and the game is too small, simply make all sprites 200% and increase the game size.

Karg 1 year ago

Animation Controls
+ surprisingly, there's no "audio/music" as favourite aspect. i liked the music, fits very well with the theme;

- graphics are indeed too small, it's very difficult to tell what is what; i bumped into traps and died because i had no idea what those were. with bigger graphics you'd have the option to tell the player better what is a trap (since you can't colour code items due to the theme);
- during intro, you should display (space to skip) or accept any input, key or mouse, to skip (it's not obvious unless you're a game fanatic)
- accept arrow keys for controls as well, or add an option to redefine controls
- i don't particularly like that i have to mash the direction keys to move, perhaps experiment with "move while direction key is pressed" as well;
- difficulty is unforgiving; consider adding difficulty levels: a normal mode where you have infinite lives, a hard mode (the existing one) and a hardcore mode (where you lose the game after the first death);
- you should add text for help as well (e.g. use direction keys to move, use space to do stuff, etc);
- the "stick to the walls" bug is very annoying :)
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