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Mattyds 8 years ago

Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve
- Love the graphics
- Cool game idea
- Seems like it has meaning without being too in your face about it.
- Interesting main menu

- I wasn't sure how to begin
- Controls felt awkward (Maybe it would feel better using wsad?)
- All levels felt very similar
- Choosing the levels by jumping on the blocks was cool at first but became a nuisance quickly


Game Graphics Level Design

AdvancedAzrielAngel 8 years ago

Game Graphics Controls
When I play games, I like to get to the options menu first thing. This game, I couldn't figure out how to change anything, so ordinarily I'd look for instructions. No dice. That's terrible. I grew to hate having to click to move pretty much immediately, which means the controls need a lot of work.

-Learning curve is fine.
-Graphics need to look less like the aftermath of a nuclear winter directed by JJ Abrams, but are otherwise great. Just tone down the bloom or make it configurable.
-Fix the problem where you can't leave the levels area without restarting the game.
-Make an optional menu for the settings so you don't have to use an awkward in-game one. The novelty wears off fast even when done right.
-Why do bullet-shooting guns have charges? Make the guns look different if you're doing energy bullets.

Syndate 8 years ago

Game Graphics Controls
I liked it somewhat. The first impression was nice. I liked going into "doors" for different parts of the game such as options and so forth.
Although the game has a unique feel to it, I didn't really feel myself in it and I think that a game like yours, that's probably what you are aiming for, nice graphics and some sort of relaxing gameplay.
The first "bad" thing that I noticed was the text that came up when I got my first pistol in the first level. The text was white and I could only see half the sentence, it's not gamebreaking but it's something to change for later.
First level was ok when it came to leveldesign. It was somewhat hard for a beginner, not hard as in impossible, but many things to think about when I've just started. I'd personally limit it to only the rolling ball and for next map introducing more balls but with this time a gun. The third map with those evil-player-seeking robot, and so forth.

The maps were all pretty much the same though, which was a little bit dissapointing. A game like yours also thrives on puzzle.
Lastly, the controls were a bit wonky, I'd probably learn them after a while so it's not something that is awful, but I think that you probably want some input on that as well.
Thanks for letting me play and good luck, I might come back later to check it out!

Syndate 8 years ago

check it out when new content has arrived I mean :))*

VoxelGameStudios 8 years ago

Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue Reply

Vallar 8 years ago

Game Graphics Controls

I have tried your game out and here is my feedback in no particular order; note that I didn't ready any other comments so I wouldn't be affected by others opinions:

1- The level's graphics was really cool, although it feels minimalist. But I kind of felt thrown off by the different styles, for some reason the robot, balls, red robots and the level graphic design. They don't seem to have the same feeling.

2- The story wasn't really apparent from the start. I am not saying narrative-wise, but how the world and the reason I am doing all this. However, I really liked the line that talked about humans. It felt the game might be actually deeper than just a puzzle game (reminded me of Thomas Was Alone).

3- I like the way I had to go through the levels and the puzzles. The mechanics were fun but the controls weren't so much. I didn't feel clicking the mouse button is the best approach. I would have preferred using WASD for movement and mouse for attacks.

4- The icon for the bomb is really small and easily missed. That said, the bomb itself is a blue box and it took me sometime to understand that I actually put the bomb and not just a pickup.

5- I liked that the game notifies you that you have 1 bullet but when I picked another gun I don't get 2 pullets. If that is by design, I would say perhaps have the gun unpickable that way I can understand I can pick only 1 a little better. That said, the game didn't say anything when I picked up the bomb. It was confusing.

6- At first it wasn't apparent what I needed to do with the ball and the robot until I died a few times.

7- The levels were quite repetitive in my opinion and I think it needed to have far more variety. It felt that I am replaying the same level but with more enemies that is all.

8- I liked the health bar representation and the screen effects when I get hit and the screen tint when I am almost dead.

All in all, the game looked fun and it kept me going but the level design and the oddities is what killed it for me. I completely understand this is WIP so I am not blaming or critiquing that these are there. However, I am only mentioning what stopped me from continuing the playing session even if it was rough; in other words, your game is really cool and have potential. It is interesting and looks fresh :). Good luck!

CoreGG 8 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
-I really like the graphics style. Its fresh and polished.
However the levels feels too simiilar to each other, maybe you should re-do some of them and change the art of some of them? (to create more diversity)

mariospants 8 years ago

Game Graphics Controls
Lots to like about this game, really impressive graphics, wonderful atmosphere. Here are my roasts:

While technically excellent, the glitchy transition effects were too realistic and used at the wrong times. It got me thinking "oh crap, there goes my graphics card" and it's used at... I don't know, weird intervals between levels? How about glitching when you get hit by an enemy instead?

The animation is totally lacking... check out Q*Bert, the game you're basing this one off of... you need to add a bit of "heft" and animation to the game to take it to the next level of lovability. Right now, it's a little dry and cold, character-wise.

The control scheme was a little tricky at first. Even after a while, I was frustrated at times thinking I'd clicked on the cube face but nothing would happen. Can you make the "slop" on the controls a little more generous?

Would be cool if you could collect ammo, rather than have one shot at a time... in old games, they would limit ammo to increase complexity and because they lacked the memory to handle inventory. You're in the 21st century now, go with something a little more satisfying rather than frustrating ("I picked up 3 guns but only get one shot?!?").

It doesn't take long to start seeing different pickups and whatevers (cubes? bombs? what do THEY do?) try to introduce what they are before we encounter them.

The music is nice, but it's not 100% right for the atmosphere, which is really quite fascinating.

All in all, a really nice, polished piece of work here.

7OfUs 5 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
1. I like the graphic style, it's unique.
2. The learning curve is OK, it's easy to master.
3. The mechanics is interesting. But not very interesting, cos the number of levels is small.
4. The pattern of levels are similar, lack of change.
Sorry for my English.

rechronicle 5 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
these are my GigaRoast bullets:
- The glitch effect is cool, but maybe a little bit too much for the eye.
- The movement at some points feel unresponsive, but okay.
- Can't get back to the previous room?!
- When I open up the 2nd stage room, then go to the 1st stage instead, I can't access the 2nd stage for the rest of the game.

Overall, good job on making a game with the reference of Qbert.

In the meantime, please ROAST our game too!

Good luck on the development!
Roast Em

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