Ghost Sniper shooter game


Ghost sniper shooter game is a 2d fun action combat game where you have to defend your base from the thieves gang. Only you are left in the Snipers versus Thieves combat, and you must take down all the thieves to survive.   Ghost sniper game is different from other action shooting games, as it is a 2d flat art fun game to enjoy. Keep an eye on the scope and remember, Aim, Shoot and Repeat. Everything is breakable, the door, the windows, and even the statue, so don't hesitate to have some fun enjoying this sniper shooting game while focusing on the mission.   Check out the shop and unlock the sniper guns for your mission. Upgrade your sniper gun to get lower recoil and scope for precise aim. More maps will be added soon for more challenges and missions in action shooting combat.   We have added a leaderboard to compete for, score the highest of all, post the highest kills, and survive for the longest time to rule the Ghost Sniper shooter game leaderboard.   Let's fight back in this Snipers vs Thieves gang war in this Ghost Sniper shooter game!

Pre-registration campaign launched on Playstore!
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