Draigana's Fire


Medieval fantasy RPG about the last dragonkin to find the truth about her identity.
Roast it up like dragon fire!

This version removes the unexpected bug.



dragonsave24 2 years ago

man this game looks great i will download once i get back home and lets hope this game is worth it
check out my latest video

rechronicle 2 years ago

Nice dude! Thank you for taking interest in the game! :D

Scheikowski 2 years ago

Game Graphics
I liked graphics and mechanics. You did a great job with RPG Maker.

rechronicle 2 years ago

Nice, thank you for trying the game!

Ronit 2 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
The character designs for ur playable character is solid but Enemies r just not upto the mark. It looks like u were in a hurry while making the Enemy character designs. Try adding more depth to it

rechronicle 2 years ago

Yeah, still learning the engine at the time making it.
Thank you for playing!


Elcaelum 2 years ago

UI Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve
I just downloaded the demo from the Itch.io page. Ok, I don't know if I'm being super dumb or what but I really have no idea what to do or where to go just five minutes into the demo (right after beating the wolf and the character saying it's a "bad omen")... the road ahead is blocked, can't go into the cabin and can't go to the southern path (the character says "No need to go to the town for now")..... am I missing something? .... really I have no idea, but I've been wandering around those 2 screens for 10 minutes already and I don't know what to do :(

rechronicle 2 years ago

Hello Elcaelum,
It's really a super short demo, just a little walk, and battle one enemy. Sorry about that many uncertainties, I'm not yet adapted to tell what's going on in the game to the player. xD
Anyway, thank you for trying the gameee & valuable feedbacks!

Roast Em


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