Don't Pop! Dungeon


Hidden away deep in a jungle forest lies a mysterious dungeon. Discovered long ago then forgotten, only to be discovered again by the planets new puzzled inhabitants. As they rush to explore, crawling through different areas of the old world. Curiosity gets the best of everyone sooner or later. Soon it becomes a challenge to see who can go the farthest down and grab all the treasure they can possibly find. Dangers around every corner. Join our heroes to become the dungeon's next master.

Enter into the dark abyss in Don't Pop! Dungeon's endless dungeon explorer! Enjoy multiple hours of entertainment! Play up to as many as 25 plus unique characters, each with their own styles and personalities. This is no ordinary dungeon crawler, it is a dungeon flyer! Never go through the same dungeon layout twice as every level will always be different. 

Come out on top by picking up 3 different types of power ups. One gives you a shield to deflect most incoming projectiles. Another gives you a magical touch that doubles the gems you pickup. Finally the gem magnet makes all gems dropped rush to you while navigating the dungeons. You can also receive power ups by spending tokens in between rounds in the power up shop. Along with the power ups, you can also play Mini Games to earn pockets full of gems. Spend your hard earned gems in the main menu on new character possibilities.

Rush in and engage in combat with multiple enemies that crawl throughout the depths, with crazy and challenging dungeon masters in different dungeon difficulties. Each dungeon master has its own personality and set of skills that will make each encounter one to remember! Careful though, it may be a puzzle to find their weaknesses. Be prepared to face them with power ups and quick reflexes to further dive deeper into the mysterious dungeon upon their defeat.

Choose between six different original soundtracks to explore with unlimited dungeon possibilities. Visit the bestiary to see everything you have come across, defeated, and destroyed. Learn close to 50 enemies and their stories as to why they are dwelling deep down in the mysterious dungeon.

New Health and Lives system.
New User Interface elements.
Graphics additions to certain bosses.
Fixed a menu bug.
Increased dungeon length possibility.
Various bug fixes.
Enemy Performance Improvements.
Fixed some bestiary entries that weren’t displaying/translating correctly.
Added a new common enemy. 
Increased enemy spawns throughout the dungeons.

Possibly New Characters.


sourav-paul 2 years ago

Loved the mechanics. Level design is good. Enemy bump on wall feels so awesome.

serenefoxgames 2 years ago

Thanks for playing the game and the kind words!
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