Cute Cube Jump!


Cute Cube Jump!

The Cute Cube is jumping cause it is so excited! HOLD a finger on the screen to keep it calm. RELEASE the finger to let the cube be excited and jump around.

This game is an endless runner inspired by cute colors and the 80s. You are a cube that collects smaller cubes. You have to evade the attacking triangular enemies and fidget spinner enemies and the spikes on the ground. Press once to jump. Swipe left and right to evade. Try to reach as far as possible and collect as many cubes as possible! You also earn more cubes by completing goals that are assigned to you during your play. Spend your collected cubes in the shop on new cute cubes. 




PeculiarCarrot 4 years ago

Game Graphics Controls
So... the first thing that I noticed was how cluttered the main menu was. The bottom half of the screen is covered in unlabeled buttons, and the top half is pretty much clear. The only thing that I could guess the meaning of was the play button in the center of the screen. That being said, I love the aesthetic and the sound of the game, but the controls and physics seem a little strange. Having to hold down on the screen to prevent jumping is definitely different, but different isn't always better, and this might be one of those times. Trying to move left and right feels extremely slow and slidey, which is probably not what you want for a reaction-based game.
A few other nitpicks of mine that aren't as important: the spikes moving at a different speed to the rest of the level feels weird and... off. Why not have everything move at the same speed? Something else that bothered me was the dying animation. It felt like it took too long, or something. I'm not completely sure. The game as a whole seems to lack polish, but the potential is definitely there!

GreenBrayGames 4 years ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve Mechanics
While the tutorial feels short and sweet the controls and graphics make the game feel slow even when getting far into the game.
I'd recommend making the controls and mechanics more unique or adding some twist. It can feel repetitive too which is hard to fix to a runner but maybe adding new things to avoid or go through like hoops that increase speed and points but it can hurt you if you bump into them. It never hurts to mix it up.

latestcubejump 3 years ago

Game Graphics Game Graphics
superb !!! graphic, It is an addictive game.
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