You've been given command of a scouting expedition sent to explore abandoned structures on a distant planet. However, you run into a mysterious substance that spreads and grows infinitely. Can you survive long enough to discover this planets secrets?

I'm a new game developer and this is my first game. Some of the feedback I'm looking for is:
  • Does the game run smoothly on your machine?
  • Are the game mechanics easy to understand?
  • Does gameplay feel balanced and fun?
  • Are there any bugs?

  • Web build
  • Touch screen compatibility


Mike 1 year ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue UI Graphics
-Long-term motivation and progression

Needs work:
-The game can be a little bit slow at times. A feature to speed up the time would be nice.
-Using the arrow keys skips the dialog. There were a lot of times when I accidentally skipped the dialog. Which is a shame since I really liked it.
-The in-game UI is not very reactive, and it's hard to identify what the icons stand for. Maybe you can make it more fun to use the UI.

Minor inconveniences:
- exit button on web just crashes the game.
- I didn't know what a button labeled "..." was supposed to do. Maybe rename it to "about"?

This game has a good concept, but it needs more polish.

Blue 1 year ago

I appreciate the feedback! A speed up feature is a great idea. Currently pressing any key displays the full dialog, then pressing any key again moves to the next dialog window, I might change this to space bar or click only. And it sounds like a few tweaks to the UI are in order to.
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