cat are


its my first vizual novell
please, rate it


i want make sound for this


JustAnotherNick 10 months ago

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Pros: the sprites have a style of their own, some of them being good at deliverying what characters are feeling. I can't really say they are "gorgeous" or whatever, still they do make your work look "yours" and not just "yet another visual novel resorting to freely available assets" (that is, unless you're using assets I'm not aware of XD!).
Cons: you should improve usability and perform some debugging. After my first playthrough the writing "the end" got struck on-screen and did not fade away. In addition the game crashed quite a few times for reason unknown. Oh well I guess that's one of the reasons why you put the game here so no big deal.

Small suggestion, the UI could benefit a couple buttons directly on-screen (not in a separated menu) such as an option to skip already read text. Long story short: the sort of thing you'd expect to see in a VN's interface.

Can't say much about the story, right now it's just a quick peek and the characters are (barely) outlined. If you happen to work on it I might give it a try.
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