Rotate the world to fall to the goal in an infinite amount of random generated levels.

But don´t touch these red obstacles or you will die a slow and painful death and burn in hell for eternity (and respawn after that). Maybe.

I just released collectibles as Beta

You can unlock Collectibles with a button in the menu in “Extras” to test them out

You would help me a lot with feedback for:
• Are the collectibles fun?
• Do you like the collectibles / description?
• Is the spawn rate and location ok?
• Is the tutorial for the collectibles clear? (you can replay the tutorial in the settings)
• Are there any bugs?
• etc.

less bugs? ...and cake for eveyone


BlackMambaJesus 11 months ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve Controls
I think this game is a very solid idea and extremely fun. I really really liked the tutorial and the little messages that started each level. They brought a nice smile to my face. I think the biggest weakness of the game so far is the controls and maybe the physics of the box. I think the white box falls a little too slowly which leads to some cheap feeling deaths. Maybe having a way to speed it up a little would help. I do see that the speed changes slightly in Medium and Hard mode but the speed difference between these two difficulties is negligible.

BlackMambaJesus 11 months ago

Can't wait to play more!!!

FlorianMarcher 10 months ago

Thanks for the feedback, glad you like it :)

I will tweak the speed / speed difference and look how it feels

jejsoft 10 months ago

Level Design Mechanics
First and foremost, well done with launching your game. I see you've got more than 100 downloads, hopefully that continues!

As per BlackMambaJesus above, the idea and concept is very solid. It's not my sort of genre (casual) but I know a good concept when i see one and I think it's original enough in its own right.

At a high level I felt the difficulty was too hard. My son (7 years old) couldn't pass the first level yet he's finished geometry dash (ie. he can play games).

Too many options before you start - like i wanted to play and then it was asking about difficulty, for a casual game i felt the difficuly should be within the level design.

The box mechanics didn't seem right especially when on edges. Although it came in handy passing a few levels!

Finally, i was wondering whether the frame rate could be increased. As you rotate it looked a bit jerky. Was still responsive so it was more of a visual problem than a control problem.

Appreciate there's a fair bit of feedback in here but hopefully you find it useful.

ps. your twitter profile pic is beyond hilarious, if you ever want to chat more you'll find me @jejsoft in twittersphere. I'm about to put my game up here so would love if you could roast me back.

Mazzoni09 10 months ago

Mechanics UI Graphics
This game is a lot of fun, but it needs some interface tweaking to make it friendlier, maybe even using some UI kit.
But anyway great job! congratulations!

m0ran_f 10 months ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
Good Idea For Game!
I liked!

LarryLeviathan 10 months ago

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve
Super fun. Gets really hard really fast even on easy mode. Keep up the good work.

kluxos 10 months ago

Level Design Tutorial/Learning Curve
i like the way you present the level design with simple core mechanics and graphics

cloudberry212 10 months ago

Game Graphics UI Graphics
It's fun to play and I thoroughly enjoy the new or different type of mechanics. However I think it'd need some work on the UI.

vasiliuis 10 months ago

Physics Story/Writing/Dialogue
looks really nice!
not suitable for a PC :)

defpotecstudios 6 months ago

Game Graphics UI Graphics
Good game. I like the minimal graphics and addictive "just one more time" game play.

c_nasser 4 months ago

Mechanics UI Graphics
Simple game with good level design. On mobile game it could be great to have controls using screen rotation and compass. UI is minimalist but effective.
Roast Em


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