How the best way to avoid people that try cross your bridge?
A boat with a cannon! On Bridgefall you must defend your bridge from the people, shooting them with a basketballs cannon , but be quickly, there are many fast guys that will try run away of you.

- Restart button on lose screen fixed

Windows build (windows phone and store)

iOS and AppStore build

Social media reward system

Conquest worlds 4 and 5

Hardcore mode


jsmellie 2 years ago

Game Graphics Level Design
Love the look of this game. The and drawn graphics and animations are great.
The mechanic gets boring quick and the diversity of the enemies is lack luster. Maybe some other kind of mechanics for the enemies would really help the game and keep people interested.

Also the restart button in the fail screen is broken which made me pretty annoyed and caused me to stop playing.

zugbahn 2 years ago

Thank you so much for the feedback man!
The bug with the restart button it's already being fixed, and about the new mechanics, keep following Zugbahn, we promise you will not regret this !
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