Blazr, a ballblaster - style game


This is a PC download, 33mb, from my website, for my game Blazr, which is a take on the 1985 futuristic sports classic. It's early stages, but has sound, controller support, 1 or 2 players, bots and nice graphics.

It plays on a spherical field, so real over-the-horizon shots are possible, and one can jump.

There's also a VR Oculus Rift version, which I'll publish if there's interest, it's very rough now, but interesting.

I'm not sure if the jump mechanic is practical for such a high speed game. The AI doesn't jump yet, so the goal stays fairly low.

I didn't follow the classic exactly, but most standard features such as bot-vs-bot, angle shot and dribbling are implemented.

This is actually my second take on it, the first was a Blitz3D version 15 years ago, which I started with a friend who is also a huge fan, and who made the 3D-models. It was never published, only shown in an art context.

I played the original on C64 and Amiga a lot, but didn't quite get all the subtle details until now.

Actually, as is visible on my site, I'm trying to craft awareness games which aren't too boring, so this is a spontaneous side project. I hope it rocks!

I'm not too sure how much I'll have to change to make it fairly original if I ever craft it into a finished product, which will largely depend on how much fun it can be to play...

- ball trail
- goals get higher

- more stable ball floating
- jumping AI-bots
- variable bot difficulty
- UI

I plan to make it a four player game.


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