Ball Games


Ball games is a quartet of game modes consisting only a ball and some cubes. Each game mode has a different gameplay from the other asking the player to adapt to the game.

- 1UP consists of a ball rolling on a platform and you have to jump from platform to platform to get a better score.

- Dodgeball asks from the player to dodge the incoming obstacle by teleporting on the vertical axis to get a better score.

- Flappyball has the mechanics of a flying ball bouncing in air where you try to avoid obstacles.

-CatchBall requires you to catch the incoming objectiles.

-added FlappyBall and Dodgeball
-fixed a bug with volume not being consistent
-added CatchBall
-fixed visuals
-added timer for FlappyBall powerup
-improved graphic style

Looking forward to implement multiple game modes and maybe change the graphic style.


Jrod1312 2 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
Each of the games are fun to play. You can cheat on Flappyball though by just jumping at the bottom below the obstacles. Also, I wouldn't show the fps in game.

Vegeta 2 years ago

Thanks for your input, I only recently added fps since I had an issue on a specific phone and I was interested in testing it on multiple devices. Was your experience laggy in any way?

Jrod1312 2 years ago

It wasn't consistently laggy but there were spikes were it would slow down, but I'm using an older phone that I only use to test games.

TheRichCourt 2 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
This is a cool game. I like the idea of having 4 play modes in one game, as it keeps things interesting.

I have a couple of suggestions when it comes to graphics. The clouds in the background look great, but they would look 100 times better if they moved in parallax. You should look into that as it'd improve things no end. Also, if you change the particle systems you've attached to the balls to world space instead of local space, you'll find they trail behind the ball much better. Those two things would really help to give more of a feel of forward momentum.

My final suggestion would be to show the score and the high score on the death screens. When I fail, I want to know how well I did. Also, seeing that I nearly beat my personal best might make me more likely to play again.

Good fun game though - keep it up :)

Vegeta 2 years ago

Thanks for your review, i'll look into parallax, for the particle systems that work because actually my ball is standing still and the platforms are moving in its direction. I'll definitelly put the score on the end screen. Thanks again and i'll be checking your game tomorrow.

Undertale-for-life 1 year ago

this game sucks so bad i can eat spagetti and shit out a better one.

Vegeta 1 year ago

Didn't knew they were letting monkeys post on this site. Got to love the diversity!
Roast Em


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