Aldarix the Battlemage


You are the Battlemage, master of spell-based combat! Once again, the kingdom is in peril. It is up to you to defend it.

Aldarix the Battlemage is a casual "puzzle roguelike". Key features include:

  • Turn-based combat, based on spells and positioning.
  • Story mode.
  • Survival mode with randomized levels and permadeath for hardcore players.
  • Spells are balanced so that the right spell must be chosen for each situation. Correctly used they can have devastating effect!
The game is currently under development, and I am looking for feedback on the tutorial and what the experience is for new players.

Anything confusing or weird? Is it too hard or too easy? 


Koto 3 years ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
I played tutorial, then story mode, went from few levels, reached out of the dungeons to the forest.
The a classic roguelike and delivers what is promised in the description.
-Graphics - pixel art with minimalists animations, cute and enough to have fun.
-Difficulty - it's a challenging game, that's good. Depend on your position and enemy kind you have to use different spell. I think for some might be too difficult maybe difficulty levels could be added
-Good tutorial, fair learning curve inside the game.
-Good descriptions of spells, enemies
-Casting spell mechanics is well done, tiles that can be used to cast it are shown

1. Controls. I know it's both Touch/PC game and it tries to handle both worlds.
I think there should be a PC controls mode with (possibly set in options):
- WSAD working beside arrows
- Spell description could be on move over
- Messages from game could be dismissed with Esc/Enter

2. Mechanics
- I think there is no option to skip player's turn
- There could be info how much damage given spell causes
- There could be weapons for fight purposes, probably would require some kind of inventory
- There could be possibility to collect mana/health potions and use them on demand - game would be more flexible then

3. Other
- sounds would be a strong enhancement
- music was somewhat not fitting game's medieval style
- necromancer boss was surprisingly easy to defeat

Overall its a very nice game, needs some enhancements to appeal to wider audience.

nikodemusp 3 years ago

Thanks! Those are good points! I will try to make the game more PC-friendly :-)

Red_Phantom_RP 2 years ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve Mechanics
I played the tutorial first. Then I played story mode up to quarters of the damned.
- Appropriate difficulty
- Random level generation
- General level design/layout
- Graphics are simple but well drawn and consistent/matching
- Graphic - animation of spells
- Gameplay concept: turn-based strategy game
- Tutorial
- Story makes game more interesting
All these aspects incline me to play the game

- Music
- No sound effects
- No ability to skip player's turn

Despite there being many pros, the cons weigh heavily.
This game is fun but I would be inclined to play it longer if you added some better music (that also better matched the atmosphere) and sound effects.
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