A Day and a Night


Hamza Blade, a warrior with a mysterious past, awakens in a small village. Is he safe from the deeds of his past? Will he find what he sought in this small village? Find out in this short adventure-RPG!

  • Transform into a reformed hero or remain a heartless villain through the morality system
  • Master trigger-based battles to slam your foes into oblivion
  • Discover multiple quest lines and ways to change peoples' lives

Works on Linux via Wine or Lutris.


VorgeStudio 3 years ago

Mechanics Mechanics
I played your game and here are my toughs :

Good :
- I liked the time system. The fact that specifics events are there only at night or the prayers at some specifics hours.
- The bar in combat to make more damage / defend better is a nice add on.

Need more work (in my humble opinion)
- No way to track quests
- Make the bar in combat change size and place with skills / monster type
- I had no music or sound in the game. Even if everything is at 100% in the settings.
- The combats are too statics (nothing moves except the bar)
- In the maps, there are a lot of big empty room. Maybe add more item to fill them or make the rooms smaller.
- After the cave, I had no idea what to do next...

Good luck with the future!

NightBlade9 3 years ago

Hey, thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it! I agree that the combat is too static (that's why I added the trigger bar and some abilities). For sound, yeah there's no music, only the background ambiance in the town itself.

There are 4-5 major quest arcs you can embark on. There should be more content than available time; if not, you can pass time by napping repeatedly in the abandoned house until the game ends.

I made this game a couple of years ago, but if I remember correctly, the quest arcs are:
1) The magician
2) The cave
3) The blacksmith
4) The dying girl

Thanks again for the feedback. I hope you enjoyed it overall more than it's rough spots.

VorgeStudio 3 years ago

Yeah, it was fun :) I will try being nice next game to see how the quest and dialogues change.

DutchPowerCreations 3 years ago

Mechanics Story/Writing/Dialogue
I don't feel this game at all, but I do see potential but nothing seems to be fleshed out. It feels so generic that I would give this a 2/10.
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