a puzzle game

finished the game

fix bugs with falling in water on last water level, and being able to open both doors with 1 key


UnknownEvil 7 months ago

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve
Seemed like a lovely game however confusing, I tried to beat it but the lighthouse bit stuck to my mouse and I couldn't drop it or even get it to the top, it was also confusing a bit. Overall though, it was interesting and I liked it.

sman 7 months ago

thanks for your feedback!
i will try to fix the bug with the lighthouse part

yoshizzle 6 months ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Mechanics
Awesome, abstract (?) game. I was looking for hidden areas before I finished it haha. Reminds me of the movie "It's Such a Beautiful Day" (warning: gets morbid fast). Anyways, the roast:

-Yeah, puzzle pieces got stuck to my mouse sometimes.
-The lighthouse puzzle took a while to load. Was it intentional? I was clicking all over the place in the pitch dark before the puzzle.
-I think the maze bit is a perfect place to add another feature (hidden room, easter egg, etc).

sman 6 months ago

thanks for the feedback! yes, the lighthouse puzzle taking long to load is intentional, i thought it kind of broke up the game better. and i plan on making an update to this game, and will be sure to add a secret area in the maze, along with some other secret areas in other places!

nicolicarmona 6 months ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Controls
Love the beginning with the joke. Got kinda lost after that. the screen went black and I lost interest. Great concept though you should build more on this. This can be a hilarious game.

DavoDC78 6 months ago

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve
Wasn't sure how to play
Almost thought the flashing line meant "loading"
After spamming I found out that there was a response system.
After accidentally clicking i found out about the level design feature
I think you could improve your game by giving the user a few hints about what to do

Lab_Rat 4 months ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Controls
I think it was a very bold and interesting game, it reminds me a lot of games like yume nikki. I absolutely loved that you made players have to experiment and explore in new and abstract ways. I also really enjoyed the art style and the animations. The main downside I see is how the player controls, specifically when jumping. It was very finicky when trying to jump through the colored maze section. Also I worried I might get stuck when placing blocks and I wasn't sure if there was a way to delete them. I feel like there may have been some mechanics I completely missed even though I completed the game, but that may just be me.

Overall I had a lot of fun and it held my attention for most of the game except for when I was on the third most challenging match puzzle. I really enjoy when games make you use your head in new ways and drop you into a world where you have to figure out what to do.

sman 4 months ago

thanks for the feedback!
yeah the jumping is pretty bad but i am working on other things now so it will probably never get fixed (including a sequel to this game!)
also i dont know if you care, but you can go through the game multiple times and stuff will change
Roast Em


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