5 Levels of Lockdown (browser game)



Hello! This is a game that COVID-19 and the lockdown inspired me to make. I thought it would be funny. Now that I made it, I think it's quite fun to play.

If you choose to play this game, you must try to survive all 5 levels of lockdown without dying of hunger, thirst, or, of course, disease. Also try not to run out of power or things can get difficult. If you're still alive when the timer runs out, you've made it through the level.

How the game works is you have to get money to buy food at the grocery store, water at the water store and power at the power store, all while avoiding coming into contact with other people and getting infected. You also need to watch your surroundings because if you touch someone else's private building, you'll also get infected. And if the police catches you going off the yellow path, you'll be fined. And you must remember to stop at you're house to recover. You have to keep track of everything or you'll die one way or the other.

Each level last's 100 seconds, and one last thing is if you happen to run out of power, you still have a chance, but you'll have to find your way without any light. In other words, you'll need to rely on memory of the path.

I'm not sure of it's user friendly enough, or good enough in general. I made some updates.

So any opinions?
Thanks for reading

Orange and yellow colors swapped


ZbyszekKielbasa 1 year ago

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My dude, you should really check the "Edit Downloads", you can place links in there so it's easier to find.

Would be useful to see the range of police, infection, etc. Most of the time I get fined while walking on orange path, and policeman is rather close and you can't really "dodge" him, that was rather frustrating. You can't really see the text that shows up after your death. There should be a timer on workplace, and I don't really see. The way policemen are right now I don't see a way to beat this game, you're just randomly getting fined.

I really like the idea of not being able to walk on green path. I will look out for the updates.

ZbyszekKielbasa 1 year ago

Oh yeah, and the tutorial text wall is rather off-putting

ARLTB 11 months ago

Thanks for your help. Literally just before I saw your feedback I already updated it for the sole purpose of getting rid of the police fining problem. I didn't put visible ranges for those things because I thought it would be cool to not really know exactly when you're gonna get fined or infected just like in real life, but I'll think about it. The other things you said I think you have a point and I'll almost definitely make more updates.

You were very helpful thanks
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