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Yggdrasil Chronicles: A Tale of Cindrivia

3 years ago by ryanpzo9

1. About Project
- Game Title: Yggdrasil Chronicles - A Tale of Cindrivia
- Genre: Free to Play, Turn-Based Action RPG
- Engine used: RPG Maker Vx Ace
- Platform: Windows
- Language: English (However, English is not our first language so we might not be able to avoid some grammar mistakes. We are truly sorry for this)
- Author: Ryan Entertainment Studio
- Progress: Completed
- Number of Participants: 2 (James Ryan & Forte Chaos)
- Contact us via our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RyanEntertainmentStudio/

2. The Story
Yggdrasil, an immense tree that in connection to which the nine worlds exist, and Cindrivia is one of them. It was a peaceful world under the eyes of Aina The Goddess of Night until the demons came out of darkness.
Hundred years ago, The Illuminati Order, originally formed by a demon named Lucifer, plunged the whole world of Cindrivia into chaos. With his great power, he slowly turned this living world into a dead one and fed the humans' souls to his Darkness Legion.
However, six remarkable warrios, calling themselves Warriors of The Holy Alliance, possessed power of faith and justice, stood against The Illuminati as the last hope of this world. With the help of six Heavenly Artifacts sent down by The Goddess of Night, they were finally able to put an end to Lucifer and The Illuminaty Order. The world of Cindrivia found peach again for a while.
And now, The Illuminati is being brough back by a dark wizard so-called Ryan The Illuminator. The existence of Cindrivia and even The Yggdrasil Tree is now in danger once again...

3. Special Game Systems
- Active Time Battle System (ATB System): Players and monsters' actions are depended on this system to be performed during a battle. Just be patient and wait for your turns.

- Custom Stats: There are four stats that you can distribute by yourself to build your characters. They are Vitality, Strength, Dextirity and Mentality and they directly affect other parameters of your characters like MHP, MMP, ATK, DEF, MAT, MDF, AGI, LUK or even Ex and Sp-Parameters.

- Difficulty System: We provide 5 different difficulties for you to play with increase in enemies' stats for each one.

- Multiple Parties: Sometimes you have to divide your party into two smaller ones in order to complete some certain quests at the same time. Each party has its own leader and members with a shared inventory and currency.

- Teleport System: Tired of walking manually from towns to towns? Don't worry! The Teleport System is here to help you! Choose your destination and you are ready to go!

- Quest & Achievement System: Quests? Of course! As an RPG, the quests are divided into two types called main quests and side quests. Completing the main quests provide you a full understanding about story of the game while the side ones and achievements provide you handsome rewards to make your journey much easier.

- Day & Night Circle + Lighting Effect System: We do provide a day-night circle which can affect some of your actions in game and also an awesome light effect system created by Khas to enhance the visual effects of the game.

- Enemies' Levels and Classes: Enemies have their own levels and classes with certain pros and cons, just like your characters!

- Crafting and Enhancing Equipments: Defeating the monsters, collecting the materials from them to craft some unique equipments. The equipments can also be enhanced (+1, +2, etc) to provide better stats.

- Class Changing System: You can change your characters' classes into other ones when they reach the required levels. This will provide them a better bonus to their parameters and some more new skills.

- Puzzle System: This is a small part of the game but sometimes you have to solve some puzzles in order to keep moving forward.

- Minigames and Extras: There is a minigame called "Melodia" created by Moghunter. If you are tired of fighting monsters, you can find this to ease your mind by listening to the provided music and tapping your buttons along with the melodies. And about The Extras, unfortunately there is only one called "Music Room" (also created by Moghunter). Everytime you hear a new song (from battles, new maps, Melodia, etc), they are stored in this room and you can listen to them again anytime.

ROAST IT AT: https://roastmygame.com/game/yggdrasil-chronicles-a-tale-of-c

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