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Uploading game difficulties

2 years ago by 8-BitNovels

So yeah, I'm new to this website and I'm an idiot =-=

But I'm having difficulties uploading my game and I just realised that the max file size is 20mb.

And me shredding most of the game file size means well... killing most of the game!

So long story short, are there like no alternatives? No way to somehow get the file size limit increased? (Yeah I know, it's a dumb question >.< )

I also see an "add link" alternative, will this allow me to put a link to another site, e.g itch.io, where the game can be downloaded?

Thanks if you respond to this :>


future-games 1 year ago

Ok. Add link will give a link to itch.io. Obviously you can also put a link in the game’s description.