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This is Halloween! Welcome an updated Kid-E-Cats: Doctor!

2 years ago by DEVGAME_OU

You can now immerse yourself into the mystical aura of Halloween in just one click. A thematic update of Kid-E-Cats: Doctor by DEVGAME has been announced. The update contains new decorations and a new minigame - http://bit.ly/2BhMO2B

Kid-E-Cats: Doctor is a popular brand-based game, released in 2018 and listed in Top 10 family games for iPad and App Store. In the app, kids can become real doctors and discharge their immediate responsibilities of making the other cats healthy and happy! Once received a call from a patient, the player is going to need to get the first aid kit ready and head for the patient's house, dealing with various obstacles on the way. Pumpkins, bats, and ghosts - the symbols of the mysterious holiday - will be present in every part of the game.

Thanks to the update the gaming process will become even more interesting to the young player. The new minigame is based on the cartoon's episode on Halloween and includes decorating the room. The young players will get new decorations as a reward for treating kittens. At first sight, the minigame seems very simple, but it'll surely help the kid to show their individuality and unleash their imagination. Familiar characters are not the only interesting point of the game: detailed graphics and bright locations won't fail to impress any kid!

Even the youngest players are going to enjoy the game. Its simple interface, tips that are always there for you, and various tasks will make the experience interesting, exciting and mysterious!

You can find the app on App Store and Google Play-http://bit.ly/2BhMO2B