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The popularity of THIS kids' mobile game is now BEYOND THE BORDERS!

3 years ago by DEVGAME_OU

Parents from all over the world, let it be China or Portugal, want their baby not only to play mobile games but to learn something useful in it, to develop their talents and skills. One of such games is “Kid-e-Cats: Picnic” from DEVGAME - https://roastmygame.com/game/kid-e-cats-picnic

The game is so popular among young users of the CIS that its downloads have exceeded more than 7 million! That is why it was decided to translate it into 16 other languages, which means that now kids from all over the world will be able to play it!

The game is based on one of the most popular episodes “Picnic” from the cartoon “Kid-e-Cats” from STS. Last year, Nickelodeon International acquired the rights to show the second season of the Kid-E-Cats show at the largest French trading house APC Kids. Now the cartoon is broadcast on TV channels from 170 countries!

The game is filled with interesting mini-games, each of which is aimed at training the memory, logical thinking, and motor skills in a child. Also, the baby will learn how to collect a basket of food, fish, set up a tent and many other useful skills! The game interface is very simple - even the smallest users will be able to play on their own, while parents at this time will be able to safely go about their business.

Give your baby a bright acquaintance with the world around.
After all, learning new things with cats is always easy and fun!

The game is available in the App Store and Google Play app stores - http://bit.ly/2HAwQWt

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