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The game on a popular Tiaras brand is now on App Store and Google Play

2 years ago by DEVGAME_OU

Ever dreamt of becoming a heroine of your favorite animated series? You can do it now!
Tiaras are happy to present their first official game: Tiaras: Magical Tales - https://3novg.app.link/wa1XokTOk4
In the game, you'll uncover all the mysteries of the Divnogorye island, but be careful - it'll be dangerous and there are many traps to stop you!

What's inside:
- inexpressible emotions!
- the endings you'd never expect!
- various obstacles!
- interesting stories!
- a variety of choices!
- minigames, bats and a lot more!

What, you're still reading this? Go and get the game and uncover the power of magic!

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