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Space Mining Game Prototype

2 years ago by Roxicaro

Hello! This is my very first experience with game development and programming in general. It's a personal project with no profit goals whatsoever. Just for the fun of learning how to do it.

I've always loved incremental games and space themed games that have a mining mechanic in them. I have been struggling to have interesting ideias to improve and build upon though, regarding game progression.

It would be great to get feedback and ideas from you guys if possible.


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the_antares_alien 2 years ago

Hi there! Good job for your first game project!

I would try to implement more mouse controls on the UI screen. I constantly kept try to click on things when I should have been using the keyboard.

I also felt that some of the key-combinations on the UI were strange. I didn't know if I was supposed to press multiple keys at the same time or if it's an either/or option.

I noticed that when docking you can still fire the laser and run the engine (even though the ship doesn't move).

Finally, I would suggest having a single UI screen at the beginning telling the player what they need to do. I understand the core gameplay is mining asteroids, but I didn't know why. Something like, "Mine asteroids to upgrade your ship" or "Mine asteroids to get money to ultimately save your company from financial ruin" or something silly like that.

I thought the art style was nice and consistent across game assets and UI assets - good job!