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Save the world without leaving your home with Robocar Poli: City Games by DEVGAME

3 years ago by DEVGAME_OU

A leading kids games developer company DEVGAME has released an update for the Robocar Poli: City Games for iOS and Android. A free-to-play mobile game has been translated into 11 languages in order for little players all around the world to enjoy the game.

Originally released in 2018, Robocar Poli: City Games is a mobile arcade, in which the player will need to complete mini-tasks by saving Brooms city. The main advantage of Robocar Poli: City Games over other similar games is the fact that the gameplay is not limited by the borders of one area (and even the city), and the accidents can take place beyond its borders. The main goal is to complete all the tasks in every location, also the players unlock different city objects, like street lamps, benches, mailboxes etc.

Whatever it is - a fire, a missing kitten - the user will need to react quickly to any accidents in order to make progress.
Bringing together entertaining gameplay and an interesting story with educational elements, Robocar Poli: City Games by DEVGAME fascinates kids - the proof is in the comment section of both App Store and Google Play.

The game is free to play and is now available on App Store and Google Play.