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Randy & Manilla - Two Brothers in a quantum adventure

3 years ago by OfihombreStudios

Randy & Manilla is a game where is discovered a mysterious quantum cyber-universe hosted by Net-Cubes that contain virtual worlds with various genres of games.

Game Sipnosis:
In the year 2142, inside the mysteries of the quantum supercomputer created by Lambert Wilson, there is a cyber-universe surrounded by brightly colored cubes called Net-Cubes. Within them, they hold fantastic virtual worlds of pixelated and abstract structures. It is free from threats like hackers, cyber-spies and corporate and government organizations. But that doesn't mean that they don’t have their own dangers surrounding them; such as the villain of the red Net-Cube: Cracksom Virus. This dominant virus is putting all Net-Cubes in danger of being permanently eliminated, so he can expand his empire of computing corruption to the real world, abandoned by humans.

Then, a messaging algorithm called E-Mailer arrives at the world of Bloxland Qubitown, the Randy and Manilla’s home, giving them an urgent warning: the entire cyber-universe is in grave danger of being destroyed by Cracksom. He knows that they are the only ones who can stop his great threat. And so, they accept the mission and embark on a great adventure through all the different Net-Cubes. E-Mailer will also come along and open portals so our heroes can access the new worlds.

Link to roast this game: https://roastmygame.com/game/randy-manilla

In-progress Games

OfihombreStudios 2 years ago

More of one year later of the Pre-Beta, after a long absence, Randy & Manilla It returns with the Early Beta, and this have a lot of updates that expand and improve the game experience that will be mentioned below:
- More graphic updates (like textured Net-Cube or color post-processing effect)
- Gamepad compatibility
- Improved pause menu
- Rol & Rogue has been included
- Extra skills/items if you get all the points of each level.
- Characters with spanish dub.
- 20 new original soundtrack composed by Marcus Wood, Ignas Cubulskis, Icode4you, Jake Gamelin, Toni Mena, Kaaliu & Gamelody
- 9 more stages (3 bosses included).
- more dialog improvements.
- AI improvements
& Much more

OfihombreStudios 1 year ago

Months before, with the Early Beta, we thought it was decent enough to be the last demo.
However, after several reports with bugs regarding jumps, camera, etc. I realized that I was wrong. Although in the previous beta it polished many details, it also left many others to polish (and the worst thing is that they were even important parts)
That's why for this 2nd Beta, There has been a lot of focus on trying to polish all the details we could find and less on adding new levels.

This list is somewhat longer than in previous articles, so it will be better to list them by numbers and order them from generals to from each specific Net-Cube:

1. More graphic updates (like the Net-Cubes, E-Mailer ship, Manilla hair look, etc.)
2. Changed camera in the first Terra-Qubit levels
3. Qdata previews in the pause menu
4. 6 new soundtracks & two recompositions made by Marcus Wood, Kaaliu, Gamelody & Michael Martel
5. Added 4 more stages (include one boss)
6. Small improvements on the UI buttons
7. Ship controls for keyborad & gamepad are now by default
8. Camera drift in gamepads are now fixed (at least from Xbox One)
9. The characters has greater mobility through the air while performing the jump in 3D levels
10. Fixed harsh brakes when jumping (only if while the HP is greater than 1)
11. Redesigns in certain parts of the levels
12. The max score is slightly lower for levels that require it
13. better handling of sorting layers
14. Added a button indication for fast text in the dialogs
15. More polished details
16. Samuel Domínguez Cañete as Randy Qubit
17. The button for Randy punches can be pressed twice to perform combos
18. The checkpoints are now healing points
19. When a character into the void, it returns to the near position before the fall. But it loses one HP
20. A red fading was added if a character die
21. Buttons have been swapped between jump and fire/kick in gamepads

22. The net-points for the objective from level 1-4, has been changed by corrupt bricks
23. The Golembrick Boss HP reduced from 50 to 40

Gamezone Cube:
24. Both Randy and Manilla as NPCs will stop following the player for then go towards the arcade controls as they get closer

Rol & Rogue:
25. Randy can give up to 2 hits with double punch
26. The HP from many enemies it has been reduced
27. Enemies can no longer do burst attacks (specially with Manilla)
28. Manilla no longer takes damage while an enemy is spinning from very close distanse
29. To each battle, the icons of the attack buttons appear
& more