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Randy & Manilla - Two Brothers in a quantum adventure

1 year ago by OfihombreStudios

Randy & Manilla is a game where is discovered a mysterious quantum cyber-universe hosted by Net-Cubes that contain virtual worlds with various genres of games.

Game Sipnosis:
In the year 2142, inside the mysteries of the quantum supercomputer created by Lambert Wilson, there is a cyber-universe surrounded by brightly colored cubes called Net-Cubes. Within them, they hold fantastic virtual worlds of pixelated and abstract structures. It is free from threats like hackers, cyber-spies and corporate and government organizations. But that doesn't mean that they don’t have their own dangers surrounding them; such as the villain of the red Net-Cube: Cracksom Virus. This dominant virus is putting all Net-Cubes in danger of being permanently eliminated, so he can expand his empire of computing corruption to the real world, abandoned by humans.

Then, a messaging algorithm called E-Mailer arrives at the world of Bloxland Qubitown, the Randy and Manilla’s home, giving them an urgent warning: the entire cyber-universe is in grave danger of being destroyed by Cracksom. He knows that they are the only ones who can stop his great threat. And so, they accept the mission and embark on a great adventure through all the different Net-Cubes. E-Mailer will also come along and open portals so our heroes can access the new worlds.

Link to roast this game: https://roastmygame.com/game/randy-manilla

In-progress Games

OfihombreStudios 6 months ago

More of one year later of the Pre-Beta, after a long absence, Randy & Manilla It returns with the Early Beta, and this have a lot of updates that expand and improve the game experience that will be mentioned below:
- More graphic updates (like textured Net-Cube or color post-processing effect)
- Gamepad compatibility
- Improved pause menu
- Rol & Rogue has been included
- Extra skills/items if you get all the points of each level.
- Characters with spanish dub.
- 20 new original soundtrack composed by Marcus Wood, Ignas Cubulskis, Icode4you, Jake Gamelin, Toni Mena, Kaaliu & Gamelody
- 9 more stages (3 bosses included).
- more dialog improvements.
- AI improvements
& Much more