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Mysterious legends from the ancient island

1 year ago by MergeGo

Have you ever wanted to enter the legendary magical world? There are kind fairies, colorful clouds and countless cute creatures. There are also dark and mysterious ancient forests, mysterious creatures without a trace, and powerful monsters full of aggressiveness. You will encounter all of this in Merge Go.
Fear of Living Beings-Midnight Pub

Its existence is as mysterious as a top bonfire, and it is also awed by everything on the island; the only difference is that it represents the deepest part of evil and darkness. Legend has it that if there is one more song in the tavern, one life will be lost on this island. In the midnight when countless things are sleeping, monsters and evil spirits suffering from pain and wandering gather here, and all kinds of filthy black magics are ebb and flow.

The midnight tavern was stunned. The creatures lost in the night, as long as they see the looming green light outside this tavern from a distance, they are frightened and afraid to cast a second glance.
Adventure in the Deep Pool-Gemstone Reef

No one knows that under this island cursed by black magic, there was an endless forest thousands of years ago. Before the disaster struck, the giant trees in the forest gathered the magical aura that had accumulated for a long time and sealed them in a pool that was not disturbed by black magic.

However, things changed and the stars moved, and the pool had already become part of the vast ocean along with the surrounding things. A lucky coral took root next to the pool, absorbed its aura, and gradually evolved into a colorful and sensible deep-sea eye. It has become her new mission to continue to protect the ocean from evil. Today, the battle of purification on the island is still going on. Under the island, this seemingly no wind and no waves, the sparkling sea, but it has been surging under current.
Nocturnal Spirit-Holy Elk
On the edge of the lush grassland and the magic forest, the Monsters always see looming golden lights beating in the forest. Where do those lights come from? Could it be Nightingale's eyes? In the depths of the forest, tall Holy Elk walked in groups across the hard soil overgrown with shrubs, sometimes with smaller steps, sometimes jumping lightly, and behind them was another alien explorer who lost his way in the forest.
This lucky guy even secretly cheered after experiencing endless pain and suffering. Fortunately, he met this group of nocturnal spirit creatures that would not get lost. But he never knew where he would be taken soon. Because the mission of the elk will always be: to use thousands of methods to keep the forest secret.

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