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Morterra Update - Improved 3D Models, Raiding, and more!

3 years ago by morterra

The latest Morterra update is live!

Here's what's new:
- Raiding Revamp:
- Explosives improved (dynamite: 1000dmg & small blast radius, bombs: 500dmg & large blast radius)
- Tools improved: Damage based on metal type & swings much slower. Tool raiding is now the extra long but cheaper version to raid.
- Spikes (walls) now have twice the durability
- Chests now have half durability
- Flags now have only 25 durability (placing a locked flag in the open is no longer viable)
- Flags now have to be "reset" every 72 hours before your base will decay
- Improved object coloring & lighting
- Completely new oak & maple tree models
- Players no longer collide with small objects (small boulders, bushes, corn, etc.)
- Flag destruction bug fixed- Many other small bugs fixed
What's next:- Improved minimap
- World map ('m' key to toggle)
- Online player list ('p' key to toggle)
- Sneaking
- Bag timer (30s timer between each bag respawn)
- Private messaging

Looking forward into the distant future, we plan on adding friends list, clans, revamping our player and animal 3D models, improving our pvp system, and vastly improving our high scores system. We are excited to add titles for players, that will highlight their high score achievements - for example: "Hunter" for the player with the most animal kills.

You can check it out at: https://morterra.com

Stay tuned!