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Moonzy: Games for Kids is any mother's indispensable aid in motivating their kids to study

2 years ago by DEVGAME_OU

A new kids' game based on the Moonzy cartoon has been announced. There have been created many mobile games on this brand, but we'll tell you why Moonzy: Games for Kids should not miss your attention- http://bit.ly/335cYlC

Just like the original cartoon, Moonzy: Games for Kids is centered around kids' learning and development. One can choose different topics to study, such as Animals, Vegetables, Transport and others. Gently and playfully, the app is going to broaden a kid's horizon, add words to the vocabulary, strengthen the memory, form voluntary attention and logical thinking. Thanks to an easy interface and tips kids can play without any adults' assistance.

The game consists of two steps, which are Learning and Revision. For instance, if you choose Sea Creatures, your kid will uncover the mysteries of the underwater world, meet its inhabitants, and learn what sounds they make and what they eat. The Revision step presented in the form of minigames and comes after the player has completed the Learning step.

The cartoon itself is undoubtedly popular among children, one can tell that by looking at how diverse the cartoon's broadcasting map is. Starting with Russia, it spreads to Europe, Latin American countries and even Thailand.

Various tasks make gaming experience exciting and thrilling while Moonzy and his friends help the player spend quality time and have lots of fun.

Test the game now -- http://bit.ly/335cYlC


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