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Monster Illustrated Book [Volume Three]: Justice Tears the Darkness- Triple-head

2 years ago by MergeGo

It was originally a three-headed, innocent cute dog, but was sealed in a dark hell by the devil. Just because before the devil swept the island, in it, he saw a powerful pressure and fear of the future.

Where is the light? Even with heavy chains, the Triple-head still has no hope of breaking away from control. At this young and ignorant age, he just wants to quickly return to the island, collect and play with Harry, Long Nose and many other monsters.

However, such a painful day seems to have no end. The Triple-head gave birth to its wings unknowingly, and the golden wings flapped violently. With a righteous heart, he believes that the day of escape is not far away, and it will soon join the monster family to against the dark magic.

The clear springs flowing out of the crevices of the islands are mixed with some golden feathers. All the monsters growing on this island know that this is the only exit from hell. Could it be... the Triple-head is about to come out? The monsters surrounded the edge of the island with excitement, their heads stretched out from time to time to look at the spring water flowing out.

They need Triple-head so much! The power of the devil is constantly growing, the entire island has long been sealed, and the monsters can only contend against it with weak power in a narrow corner. With the help of the old friend- the Triple head, they’ll definitely speed up the purification of the island and win more land.

"No one can suppress me!" In the depths of hell, the Triple-head accumulated the resentment that had been accumulated for many years, and broke away its wings. The powerful force shattered the golden chain that suppressed it and shattered it into pieces. "Wait for me!" The triple-head of hell hovered in the air, opened the outlet of the fountain, then left.

"Look that, he’s back!" The monsters finally saw the Triple-head flying out of the spring and flying above the dense forest.
It seems the same as before but it seems different. After experiencing too much, there is a lot of vicissitudes and unstoppable violence on him.

"Trust me!" This was the first word when the Triple-head saw the monsters.

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