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Monster Illustrated Book [Volume Two]: The First Overlord - Harry

11 months ago by MergeGo

He --- is the first creature who explored this mysterious island;
He --- born with an unforgettable face;
He --- what is his origin?

He was once the strongest overlord on the island, with a figure similar to that of Tyrannosaurus and a cruel temperament.

Located at the top of the food chain in the late Cretaceous, the various dragon beasts on the island can basically be its hunting targets, and sometimes they will also attack the proboscis herbivore like Long Nose. Smaller guys are generally not in his recipes. At that time, it was distributed in all corners of the island, and the entire island continent failed to have a beast against him.

It was his most glorious time, fighting and hunting all day and night, trying to conquer a wider field. The sea breeze whizzed and the world revolved. At this moment, it seemed that extraordinary things were destined to happen; at this moment, where would the fate of the overlord of the island go?

After a long period of conquest, the entire island is already his world, and no one is against him anymore. He has become the strongest, and at the same time the loneliest strong. Under the moonlight, there was only a lonely shadow to accompany him, and he silently shed the tears of the winner.

Looking up at the Moon Palace, he silently said to himself: I have everything I need, but I am not really happy!

Suddenly! A bolt of lightning strikes the overlord~

The next story:

A cute little dragon has no thoughts. He eats and sleeps all day long. He loves catching insects and play together with Long Nose.

His name is "Harry", and his life is full of joy!

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