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《Merge Go》Super Popular Ancient Monsters Illustrated Book

11 months ago by MergeGo

No one can resist the charm of face value, no one! For example, when a monster surround your fingertips and ask you to touch their head like a baby, your heart must be healed by such a cute creature~~~
This article aims to show you the most popular monsters in Merge Go. Come and see who you like best? I like each one so much!

# Harry

Hello~ I am the most popular and most liked monster on the whole island. This self-confidence is still there~ However, as I grow up, my personality has gradually changed.
[When I was a child] I was just a cute little dragon. I had no idea. I spent all day eating and sleeping. I love catching bugs with the proboscis.
[When I grew up] I had a lot of strange ideas. Although I can still play with the Proboscis, but in my heart I still think how ugly he is~

# Long Nose

Some people say that he is like a pig, but some people think that he is like an elephant, what do you think? I only know that he is a guy who is famous for having a long nose, and there is a cleverness in his eyes (but his brain doesn't seem to work well). However, this does not affect, we are still best friends.

# Panda

It is said that Sword Panda is actually a sword fairy! Although he is tall, but he has a gentle personality and incredible charm! He is always kind and friendly to others. Everyone likes him so much~
Although I don't want to admit it, but for the time being I think he is the best-looking monster after me~

# Pink Dragon

Always curious that if he is edible? This Monster was born from a pitaya, the top of its head resembles a big pitaya, no wonder there are always many of his partners sniffing on his head. The only downside is that he is shy, and he is always bullied by rabbits and others. Sometimes even I can't stand it and want to help him.

I want to introduce all the cute monsters to everyone at once, but I am afraid that three days and three nights will not be enough. For other more distinctive babies, please come and meet them in Merge Go game~

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