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Masha and the Bear: Pizzeria! Pre-registration is open!

1 year ago by DEVGAME_OU

Now, we have some news!
PRE-REGISTRATION for the new Masha and the Bear: Pizzeria is now OPEN - https://3novg.app.link/kwVEdo5Gcab

There's everything you like:

- The tastiest pizza with your favorite ingredients
- Fresh juicy pizza being delivered worldwide in just 30 minutes!
- The hungriest animals that want to try your masterpieces

Don't miss an opportunity to be the FIRST cook in the forest:

1️⃣ follow the link - https://3novg.app.link/kwVEdo5Gcab
2️⃣ click the Register button
3️⃣ we'll send you a notification once the game is out on App Store and Google Play