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Looking for Unity3d Android game developers

1 year ago by tsrgames

I am looking for Unity3d android game developers, who would like to develop 2 player games on a single device or local multiplayer games.
We will work on a revenue split basis, 50% to the developer and 50% to us.

We have experience in publishing such games as well as efficient strategies to monetize such traffic.

Thank you
Trivendar Singh Rathore
Trishader Games

Seeking Partners

yahya 1 year ago

I can help

yahya 1 year ago

i can make online game how much money do u make per month

tsrgames 10 months ago

Hi Yahya,
Thank you for showing interest.

In the case of earnings, it depends on how the game is performing and of which genre/category, one of my partners had a great game and I was able to boost its downloads to 100K (now reached 250K+ downloads), so we were able to earn between 500-1000$ total till now.

So, I am at the beginning stage and am working on creating another success to boom my downloads and earnings.

Let me know if you are interested. Hope to work with you soon!

Best Regards,
Trishader Games