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Kid-E-Cats: Kids is an indispensable helper to all moms when it comes to studying

1 year ago by DEVGAME_OU

Hey guys! Let's have fun, learn stuff and master our skills with the new Kid-E-Cats: Kids - https://3novg.app.link/Ss33gSl439

Kid-E-Cats: Kids is a set of as many as 6 different topics to study. Here you'll learn more about domestic and wild animals, listen to various musical instruments, learn numbers and a lot more. The Revision step presented in the form of minigames will help you not to forget anything.
The game will broaden kids' horizons, as well as add words to the vocabulary, strengthen the memory, form voluntary attention and logical thinking.

DEVGAME, a leading kids' games developer and an official partner of STS, has released the Kid-E-Cats: Kids app. You can find their other games with Kid-E-Cats at the link - https://3novg.app.link/Ss33gSl439

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