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How to quickly become rich in Merge Go?

11 months ago by MergeGo

For a novice player, it takes a lot of resources to accumulate in the early stage of playing Merge Go, which of course will use Ore and gold coins. So, how can we get them for free? You can try the following quick methods.

Merge veins can get a lot of ore;
Gathering Wisdom Trees has a chance to get gold coins;
Collecting or clicking on Goblin caves can produce gem fragments,merge fragments can get or gold coins, and the output of advanced fragments is considerable;
Open the free treasure chest to get gold coins and ore;
Occasionally gold coins are released from the shell;
The most important thing is that there are a lot of resources in the sealed land. When you try to unlock the land, you can also get the gold coins and ores that are already on the land.

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