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DEVGAME has released Robocar Poli: City Games update for iOS and Android. What has changed?

3 years ago by DEVGAME_OU

Robocar Poli: City Games developers have accounced the release of the game in 11 languages, and it is now available on iOS and Android - http://bit.ly/2JSg9G6

Robocar Poli: City Games is an adventure game which takes place in Brooms, a city in a popular cartoon Robocar Poli. All sorts of accidents happen in the city and its suburbs, so the player and Robocars (Poli, Helly, Roy and Amber) are going to work together to perform rescue operations.

Players will be able to complete different mini-games to unlock new objects and install them in the city afterwards - this fact guarantees a long lasting interest for the game. Whatever it is - a fire, a missing kitten - the user will need to react quickly to any accidents in order to make progress.
The game is suitable for the youngest players with its user friendly interface and helpful tips, while various tasks provide a truly fascinating gaming experience! Brooms city is animated, too: the player can drag objects, switch on and off different devices and interact with the main characters.

Robocar Poli: City Games is now available on App Store and Google Play for free - http://bit.ly/2JSg9G6

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