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DEVGAME and Yoohoo&Friends launch a new game based on a popular cartoon

3 years ago by DEVGAME_OU

Yoohoo&Friends: Fruit Festival, a game based on Yoohoo&Friends brand, has been announced recently. The popular South Korean brand has won awards like Korea Contents Design Award, Parent's Choice Award and Tillywig Top Fun (USA) and the Independent Toy Award (UK).

Yoohoo&Friends: Fruit Festival was developed by DEVGAME, a company with over 15 successful projects with popular kids' brands like the Fixies, Kid-E-Cats, Robocar Poli and others on their record. Some of DEVGAME's apps have hit 10M downloads.

Yoohoo&Friends: Fruit Festival will be of interest not only to the fans of the cartoon but also to the new users with its bright and simple interface, smooth narration and music, and - of course - the cutest fluffy animals. The game is centered around the problem of preserving endangered species (the main characters represent some of the species). The game will help the child develop logical thinking, concentration, and fine motor skills.

Throughout its history, Yoohoo has won many fans in South Korea and the United States, with the cartoon itself being broadcasted on Netflix. Besides, the brand has expanded its broadcasting to Australia and the countries of Latin America. This fact encourages DEVGAME, the developer of the game, to make it available in other languages as well.

Do you want your kid to have lots of fun and learn new things about animals? Then go ahead and get the game!

It is now available on App Store and Google Play completely free!
Get Yoohoo&Friends: Fruit Festival here - http://bit.ly/31JlnJO

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