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Blast Tournament is finally ready for you to enjoy!

2 years ago by arianbehfar


Blast Tournament is a fast paced and intense top down shoot 'em up, in which you are given only 3 rules. Captivating retro stylised graphics with incredibly enthralling synthwave tunes make for a mesmerising flow state of gameplay.

Wipe out all enemies as you survive to progress to the next arena. If you fail, game gets reset to the first arena. In other words, you have complete it in one thrilling attempt. All or nothing!

Why is BlastTournament different? Projectiles you fire at enemies, will continuously bounce off walls if you miss the target, effectively making them an extra obstacle for you to avoid. Every shot missed, punishes you by adding one more layer to the difficulty.

This game is for you if:

You enjoy fast paced or intense gameplay
Go crazy for retro/synthwave style graphics/music
Care for simple yet fun games
Appreciate new/different game mechanics