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Alien overlord---Teen Tengu

10 months ago by MergeGo

Since a mirror on the fairy queen's dressing table was broken and scattered on the earth, there appears a lot of ponds on the magic island that can reflect the magnificent state of the palace, and everyone is excited to call it "the mirror of the sky."
However, the fairy queen worried that the mirror would reveal the mystery of the fairy clan, and was more willing to find it back and recover to its original form, so she ordered the loyal Teen Tengu to search for it in the lower realm, and set a strict deadline.

On that day, the Teen Tengu walked across thousands of mountains and rivers, after repeated failures, and finally followed the halo of the pond to the small island floating among the clouds, the battle for forest hegemony was going on tragically...
Just as the ferocious ice wolves from far away were about to defeat the unicorns and occupy the Black Forest, the Teen Tengu, who had an upright nature, felt compassion for the devastated land, the plants that lost vitality, and the little monsters that had been bullied.

"I have to stop this!"

At this moment, the Teen Tengu, with a strong sense of justice occupying his mind, has already left behind the task of finding the fairy mirror that is about to reach its deadline...

In an instant, the Teen Tengu effortlessly separated the monsters who were fighting... and said word by word: I will be the host here! All the creatures in the forest instantly felt the pressure of this "uninvited guest" and fled one after another.

Seeing the wonderful miracles surrounded by trees, the fire and phoenix start a prairie, the lost paradise, all make him feel warm. Since then, the Teen Tengu has become a permanent owner of the Black Forest, but he has never boasted his status to bullies the weak, and he has always treated small lives very kindly.

But on a night when the Teen Tengu was asleep, a dream suddenly came out: Mirror, where are you?