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Robo's World: The Zarnok Fortress

Now available on Steam! Free Demo available on page!Robo’s World: The Zarnok Fortress is a Free Roaming Tactical Action Platformer. Take on the vast, interconnected Fortress, and battle an ever learning foe who seeks to repair each zone you sabotage. Can you master your abilities to put an end to the dark reign of the Zarnok once and for all?Explore a colorful 2D interconnected world with 8 distinct zones, each with a unique set of obstacles, composed of 50+ levels  Hack the ship's systems to cause havoc and take hazards offline  Race against time: When you are faced with a planet ravaging force of evil, managing time is important: use your map, plot your course, sabotage!  Master the alternate paths present in every level to stop the Fortress faster than anyone else!  Navigate the Digital Environment, a game-within-a-game where the clock is stopped, but you’re in an extra vulnerable state as you Fast-Travel around the Fortress  Consistent challenge presented by an adaptive AI. Use the Digital Environment to scramble their data bytes Pac-Man style  Face off against six distinct classes of enemy robots each presenting a unique combat challenge from swarming Sentries to the brutal Elites  Sneak past enemies to get the drop on them or be prepared to blast your way through hordes of reinforcements  Uncover the mysterious origin of the Zarnok by accessing Lore Terminals hidden throughout the Fortress!  Rock out to fast paced retro melodies that you’ll want to listen to long after the game is over  Play the way you want to with fully customizable controls and 5 different difficulty settings to choose from  Challenge yourself to get all 25 Steam Achievements and experience all new ways to play

Flying! Thunder! Chase!

Brought to you by up-and-coming indie game developer Dynamic Realities, Flying! Thunder! Chase! (FTC) is an action-packed spaceship side-scroller with fast-paced gameplay and unlimited customization potential. Key Features: Developed specifically with mobile gamers in mind. Fully-developed storyline with threefour playable factions offered at launch. Enjoy virtually limitless in-game customization by collecting ship designs, backgrounds, soundtracks, and more! Absolutely free-to-play with unobtrusive options for purchasing in-game collectables up-front. Collect valuable Thunder Bucks to purchase in-game collectables without spending real bucks. Quick-paced, action-packed gameplay that can keep you occupied for minutes or hours on end. Compete against friends and foe via online leaderboards and special in-game events. No Ads! Flying Thunder Chase is an elite force made famous when they helped repel the Republic, an alliance of alien races that refused to join the Galactic Empire, during the War of Encroachment. Since the war the force has been repurposed as an all around defense force of the Galactic Empire, stationed at the Flying Thunder Research Facility orbiting The Black Eye - the supermassive black hole at the center of the Black Eye Galaxy M64. A peace accord between FTC and the Republic was reached when the technology used to keep the black hole from consuming the galaxy was no longer strong enough to contain it. Both factions, along with several other unaligned factions, joined forces to make the repairs and upgrades needed to avoid catastrophe. Unfortunately time has run out and now only one priority exists for all factions: escape the black hole before it's too late.